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Physical Health — 32 entries

Investigating associations between maternal well-being and infant dietary intake in a low-income setting

Published December 2018 — Sarah Buggy, Kate O’Neill, Patricia M. Kearney, Karen Matvienko-Sikar

Effect of the Preparing for Life programme on trajectories of behaviour, cognition and health

Published December 2018 — Sylvana M. Côté, Massimiliano Orri, Richard E. Tremblay, Orla Doyle

Leadership, sustainability and extending the learning from the Healthy Schools programme to other national and international contexts

Published December 2018 — Catherine Comiskey, Prakashini Banka, `,

Extending the learning from the Prevention and Early Intervention Initiative

Published December 2018 — Children's Research Network

Capturing the Learning

Published May 2016 — Sarah Rochford, , Nuala Doherty, Ciaran O'Donnell

Responding to the health needs of complex youth

Published October 2017 — Tracey Monson

Accommodating interruptions

Published October 2017 — Mary Hughes, , Tom Andrews

The impact of early childhood on future health

Published October 2017 — 8 contributors

The economics of school-based interventions to prevent childhood obesity

Published October 2017 — Dominika Batorova, Regien Biesma, Jan Sørensen

Making children resilient to poor health

Published October 2017 — , Rosemary Murphy, Lee-Ann Burke, Edel Walsh

You are on a roller coaster

Published October 2017 — Suja Somanadhan, Philip Larkin

Improving patient flow in a Nephrology Department

Published October 2017 — Lisa Edwards

ADHD, trauma and neglect

Published October 2017 — , Laura Hanbury

Beyond basic ‘minding’:

Published October 2017 — Jennifer Pope

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