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PATHS® Programme for Schools (NI Version) data collection

Published January 2019 — Steven M. Ross, Mary K. Sheard, Robert E. Slavin

Ready to Learn (RTL) Baseline data collection

Published November 2018 — 5 contributors

Extending the learning from the Prevention and Early Intervention Initiative

Published December 2018 — Children's Research Network

Functional Family Therapy in an Irish Context data collection

Published August 2018 — Alan Carr, Thomas Sexton, Dan Hartnett, Clare Graham

CDI: Mate Tricks data collection

Published 2016 — Liam O'Hare, Karen Kerr, Andy Biggart, Paul Connolly

CDI: Doodle Den data collection

Published 2016 — Andy Biggart, Karen Kerr, Liam O'Hare, Paul Connolly

CDI: Community Safety Initiative data collection

Published 2016 — Noreen Kearns, John Reddy, John Canavan

Secondary data analysis with young people

Published January 2018 — Leonor Rodriguez

Archiving research data: A case study

Published January 2018 — Nóirín Hayes

Data management for archiving: Keeping the secondary data analyst in mind

Published January 2018 — Liam O'Hare, Seamus Fleming

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