The Network brings together a wide range of professionals with an interest in research on child and family issues across the island of Ireland.

The aim of the Network is to support the research community in Ireland and Northern Ireland and to better understand and improve the lives of children and young people, by creating and maintaining an inclusive, independent, non-profit network

The Network seeks to

  • Connect researchers to each other and to practitioners and policy makers
  • Focus on developing structures and mechanisms to promote the sharing of information
  • Link more experienced and early career researchers
  • Develop a range of membership services that support researchers in this field

The objectives of the Network are

  • To create opportunities for researchers
  • To raise awareness of the research issues relevant to children and young people’s wellbeing
  • To connect the Network with other relevant groupings and networks
  • To support research skill development
  • Pursue joint activities that the members may identify as useful in support of the aims of the network