As a new offer to members, CRN has launched a structured research mentoring programme targeted at practitioner researchers and other professionals engaged in research with children and young people outside of academic structures and thus without the same access to support and supervision.

The new programme is particularly relevant for early years educators, youth workers, social workers, teachers and research interested professionals working with children, young people and/or families. The programme is also available to early career researchers and people taking undergraduate, master’s and PhD courses. If you are interested in becoming a mentor or are looking for someone to mentor you in your research endeavours, please read on, fill in the expression of interest form and email it to 

CRN has a series of experienced researchers who volunteer their time to act as research mentors. Our experienced mentors are joined by a panel of peer mentors. We are always looking for more mentors so if you are interested in supporting less experienced mentors or in acting as a peer mentor, please fill in the expression of interest and email it to

For anyone interested in receiving a research mentor, please note that any application and communication to the mentors has to go via the Children’s Research Network by contacting