Michelle O'Donoghue

Lecturer in Speech and Language Therapy, University of Limerick

I have worked as a Speech and Language Therapist in New Zealand with a Paediatric population in a variety of settings; home, preschool, school-age and the clinic. As part of a multidisciplinary team I had the opportunity to develop workshops for teachers and other professionals on a variety of topics, including Supporting a Child with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) in the Classroom. I held a national position as a facilitator for tips for autism, a three-day course for teams who support students aged 5 to 12 with ASD. I have completed further study in the area of Assistive Technology. Now I am a lecturer in the University of Limerick. I teach modules on preschools speech and language development, developmental disability and complex cases. I was involved with developing the Health Hub initiative in Limerick city - fostering collaboration between community organisations and the University of Limerick on health related matters. I am also interested in interprofessional education and how collaboration can lead to better outcomes.

Subjects of Interest