Conference 2017 Children and young people's participation

29th & 30th November 2017
Chartered Accountants House, Dublin

We now invite Network members to submit an abstract to the 7th Children’s Research Network for Ireland and Northern Ireland Conference which will take place on Thursday, 6th of December 2018 at Chartered Accountants House in Dublin.


The theme of this year’s Conference is ‘Growing up in the digital environment’. Contemporary children and young adults are distinct from their predecessors as they are the first generation to grow up ‘entirely digital’ where their daily environment is continuously shaped by technology. Their participation in the digital age is an emergent area for policy making, as evidence by the recent establishment of National Advisory Council on Online Safety, the digital age of consent debate, and the introduction of stronger legislation on digital privacy (GDPR) in 2018. Growing up in the digital age provides a diverse range of opportunities and risks for children and young people across many areas of their lives.

The aims of our Conference are to promote high quality research, practice and policy making that employ good practices of involving children and young people. To achieve these aims, the conference will be a mix of practical workshops and traditional presentations. The conference will include a strand on the Prevention and Early Intervention Research Initiative, the digital archiving project at the Children’s Research Network, as this project will concluded in 2018.


We invite members from all sectors (i.e. academia, statutory, community, voluntary), in Ireland and Northern Ireland, to submit abstracts. In response to feedback from previous years we continue to strive to make the format of the conference more participatory and practical. There are two strands in which to submit an abstract:

Practical Workshops: While CRN will be inviting a series of experts in the field of children and young people’s participation in the digital age, we also invite individuals or groups to submit a proposal for a workshop. These workshops should be practical in nature with the aim of upskilling researchers, practitioners and policymakers. The workshops should address one of the suggested themes outlined below and should last an hour.

Oral or poster presentations: We invite proposals for traditional oral presentations as well as poster presentations. The oral presentations should last 15-20 minutes. 


Each abstract should be related to the conference theme of ‘growing up in the digital environment’ and should come within at least one of the sub-themes listed below. These sub-themes relate the digital environment to a range of areas including development, education, health and well-being, safety, privacy, communication and family lives. They may be subject to change, depending on the type and numbers of abstracts accepted. The sub-themes apply to all types of submission.

  1. Information technology and the impact on children and young people’s social, emotional, physical and cognitive development
  2. Social media and the impact on children and young people’s mental health and well-being
  3. Digital tools for intervention, education and support for children, young people and their families
  4. Online safety, children and young people’s privacy and parental supervision
  5. Accessing information online and guiding children and young people to credible sources
  6. Technology in the classroom including digital tools and applications
  7. Children and young people’s digital literacy, participation and access
  8. Preparing children and young people for digital and STEM careers
  9. Digital communication and the contemporary family
  10. Digital privacy over the life course, including research ethics and consent in the digital age
  11. Data and ICT systems for evidence based planning in the child and youth sector
  12. Open science and evidence from the PEI Research Initiative, including new research from the archived PEI collections and international comparison of Irish data from the PEII


To submit an abstract, please send your abstract and submission form to

Please be advised that due to the significant difference in the types of presentations for which abstracts are invited, you may present at more than one session. You should express interest in doing so on the submission form and specify in your abstract how you attend to modify it for each of the sessions you wish to present at.

The closing date for receipt of abstract submissions is 31st of August 2018. Applicants will be informed whether the abstract has been accepted for presentation by 10th of October 2018.

Contact David Kenefick or Ruth Geraghty at for more details, or by phone at (01)4160504 / (01) 4160530.

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