Starts 6 December | Ends 6 December

Registration is now open for the 7th annual conference of the Children's Research Network on the theme 'growing up in the digital environment'.

Date: Thursday 6th December 2018
Venue: Chartered Accountant's House, Dublin 

Contemporary children and young adults are the first generation to grow up ‘entirely digital’ where their daily environment is continuously shaped by technology. Growing up in the digital age creates new opportunities, and also risks for children and young people in many areas of their lives. Their participation in the digital age is a priority area for policy, research and practice as evidenced by the launch of Digital Northern Ireland 2020, the establishment of National Advisory Council on Online Safety in Ireland in 2018, and the introduction of new data protection legislation in 2018, amongst other recent developments.  

Research is critical to understanding the impact of the digital environment on children’s lives, and this conference will explore a number of key questions including:

  • What is the impact of information technology on children’s development and well-being?
  • How do we parent in the digital age? 
  • Can digital tools support children’s learning and participation?  

Keynotes will be given by Cliona Curley, CEO of Cybersafe and Colman Noctor author of “Cop On: What It Is and Why Your Child Needs It to Thrive and Survive in Today's World”.

The event will highlight new findings from the Prevention and Early Intervention Research Initiative (PEI-RI) which concludes in December 2018, and will include two practical workshops on archiving and accessing research data.

Who should attend: This event should be attended those working in research, policy or practice with children, young adults and their families, in particular individuals with an interest in digital technology and how it relates to children and young adults.